As part of Council’s Recycling Bin Inspection and Education Program, Council’s waste education contractor EnviroCom, are inspecting recycling bins in the following streets:




Homebush West

Wilson St

Sylvanus St

Burlington Rd

Tavistock Rd

Bareena St

Pomona St

Homebush Rd

Eastbourne Rd

Yarrowee St

Hebe St

The Crescent

Hornsey Rd

Myrna Rd

Wentworth St



South St

Webber St



Glenarvon St

Drew St



Wallis Ave

Matthews St



Ravenna St

Drone St



Strathlora St

Wilbur St



Ada Ave




Fifth Ave




1200 Multi Unit Dwellings and 600 Single Unit Dwellings will be involved in this inspection program.

Depending on the items found inside your recycling bin, you will have received one of two bin notices on your recycling bin:

  • If your recycling bin contained all the correct items you will have received a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Congratulations’ bin tag and a Smiley Sticker to acknowledge your fantastic effort in sorting your recycling correctly.
  • If there were items found that should not be in the recycling bin you will have received a Contamination Notice bin tag that can assist you to sort your recycling correctly in the future.

Bins will be inspected twice over a 4 week period to check for higher levels of contamination or incorrect recycling habits. If your recycle bin repeatedly contains high levels of contamination, it may not be collected.

Reasons why sorting your recycling correctly is so important:

  • It helps preserve our environment for future generations;
  • It saves landfill space;
  • It conserves natural resources like trees, oil and iron ore;
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as recycling saves energy; and
  • It is safer for workers who sort through the recycling by hand.

Council encourages your commitment to ‘Recycling Right’ and appreciates your continued efforts in this regard.

If you would like any further information about this program please contact Council’s Customer Service on

(02) 9748 9999.