Strathfield Council events

Strathfield Council organises several major festivals over the course of the year. The very popular Strathfield Spring Festival is held in September. Other events held throughout the year include the Food and Jazz Festival, Movies in the Park, the Cooks River Fun Run, Australia Day, Christmas Carols, Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Day, Seniors Festival Week and many more. There are also many other smaller local events throughout the year. For detailed information on all upcoming Council events, see the Events Calendar.

Strathfield Food and Jazz Festival 2017

Strathfield Spring Festival 2017


Many of Council’s events offer various opportunities for sponsorship. To register your interest in Strathfield Council sponsorship opportunities or to share your sponsorship ideas contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999 or email

Council also offers sponsorship in support of community events and activities. To apply, complete the Application for Sponsorship of Community Event form below.

Sponsorship is conducted in accordance with Council's Sponsorship Policy (See below), Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy.

Event calendar listing

For a free event listing on the Strathfield Council Events Calendar please complete the Event online form

Event listings will be added if they are hosted by a local community organisation or school and are open to the community in general. The event must be held in the Strathfield Local Government Area or hold significance to the community of Strathfield by way of bringing people together to celebrate, to inform, or to raise funds.

All event listings must include details of the host organisation and provide contact information.

Events which are of a purely promotional nature for commercial businesses are not included.

Details supplied will be published on this website and may be included in print.

Strathfield Council reserves the right to edit, or not include, or remove events submitted.

Council makes every effort to avoid errors in events listings. However, Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors and requires that organisers check their events listing for errors as soon as they are placed on the site. Any errors may be edited by the administrator on the advice of the organiser.

Please allow seven working days for your event to be added.

Community Noticeboards

Council has a number of community noticeboards at the following locations:

  • Council’s Customer Service Centre
  • Homebush Station
  • Liverpool Road, near Strathfield South Primary School

The general public may lodge items for display with Council by mail, fax or in person at Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy of notices placed on the noticeboard and has the right to deny the posting of any information in accordance with its Community Noticeboard Policy.

Please allow two weeks for your notice to be added.