Strathfield Council's Libraries at Homebush and High Street provide free internet and computer access to library users via public access computers or wireless hotspots.   


Strathfield Library is equipped with wireless internet.  

Public Access Computers

Strathfield Main Library has 15 public access computers. High Street Library has 3 public access computers. 

Strathfield Library computers also provide word processing and are equipped with Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

All public access computers have network printing. Printing costs 20 cents per copy (A4) or $2 per copy for colour printing (A4).

Booking Public Access Computers

To make a booking to use a public internet terminal, you must book the Internet workstation either in-person or by telephone. Bookings will not be accepted via e-mail. Bookings are subject to availability. If no other patrons are waiting, an extension may be obtained. Bookings will be automatically cancelled 10 minutes after the booked time if the user has not logged on.

Patrons are required to have a current Strathfield Library Membership Card to claim a booking.

Visitors to Strathfield Library are charged at $5 per day. 

Children under the age of 18 require signed permission from parents or guardians to become a member of Strathfield Library and to use the public access internet service. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their first Internet session. Further use of the Internet workstation is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Using Internet Facilities

A minimal level of competence is required for users of the Internet workstation. Library staff do not offer Internet and basic computer operation training.

Library staff will instruct patrons in how to start the Internet browser. Staff will not provide any further instruction or perform searches for patrons.

The workstation is designed and intended for patrons with prior knowledge and some experience in using the Internet.


All terminals are linked to the Library’s network printers. Cost of printing is 20 cents per page for black and white and $2.00 for colour. A print card or recent library card is required.

Your Responsibilities

You must use the internet facility in accordance with Australian and International law. Use of the workstation for any illegal purposes including software piracy is not permitted.

If you fail to observe the guidelines for use of public internet in Strathfield Library, the Library may withdraw your access to library facilities.

You must not allow another person to use your identity when accessing internet facilities. Your internet registration is not transferable to another person and you must not disclose your password to another user.

The Library does not guarantee availability of the Internet or any sites at any time. The Library does not take responsibility for technical problems in accessing sites on the Internet, as it is beyond our control.
You should notify Library staff if you experience any problems with the equipment or with access to the Internet.

Software and Viruses

You must not install any software programs on the library’s computer. The Internet workstation is for Internet access only and Microsoft Office applications.

You must not knowingly create or propagate a virus or any other form of malicious software.