Strathfield Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel


At a Councillor planning workshop on 4 February 2016, Council prioritised the establishment of an Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel to provide independent determinations on development applications.

On 21 February 2017, Council resolved to establish the Strathfield Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (SIHAP) in accordance with the adopted Charter with Justice Paul Stein AM QC appointed as the Chairperson. The inaugural meeting of the Panel commenced on Thursday, 6 April 2017.

  1. To consider and make final independent determinations on all development applications that are referred to it by the General Manager under this Charter.
  2. To provide an independent and open forum for interested persons and the community to make submissions relevant to the applications before the SIHAP.
  3. To facilitate greater transparency in the decision making process of development applications.
  4. To achieve best practice urban design and development outcomes consistent with the relevant legislation and planning controls.
Meeting Times

Meetings of the SIHAP will take place on the first Thursday of each calendar month.

The public forum meeting will generally commence at 10:30am in the Town Hall (Supper Room), 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield.

How to Register to Speak at the Public Meeting of the SIHAP

Any person(s) who wishes to register to address the SIHAP in respect of any particular item listed on the agenda of any particular meeting is required to complete an application form.

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas for meetings of the SIHAP shall be finalised and uploaded to Council’s website a week prior to the meeting.

Deliberations of the Panel are carried out in closed session following the public meeting. The minutes of the SIHAP will be available on Council’s website the day after the meeting.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes 
6 Apr 2017  Agenda  Minutes
4 May 2017  Agenda   Minutes
1 Jun 2017  Agenda   Minutes
6 Jul 2017  Agenda   Minutes
3 Aug 2017  Agenda   Minutes
7 Sep 2017  Agenda   Minutes
5 Oct 2017  Agenda   Minutes
2 Nov 2017  Agenda   Minutes
7 Dec 2017