Local Planning Studies

The following Local Planning Studies have been undertaken to inform the forward land use planning policies for the Strathfield Local Government Area.

 Parramatta Road Transport & Mobility Study - December 2014

The Parramatta Road Transport & Mobility Study aims to identify the local and state traffic and transport infrastructure and services improvement required to support the planned population growth in the Strathfield Local Environmental Plan 2012 (SLEP). It also tests a theoretic 25% additional growth (Scenario 3) beyond the planned density in the SLEP 2012.

Strathfield Residential Land Use Study - November 2011

The Strathfield Residential Land Use Study assisted Strathfield Council in accommodating the state dwelling target, i.e. 75% of 8,300 target (2025) being 6300 units. It recommended the areas where residential growth is to occur, and where the character of existing neighbourhoods is to be maintained. The Strathfield Residential Land Use Study informed the preparation of the SLEP 2012.

Strathfield Economic Land Use Study - June 2010

The purpose of this study is to improve the knowledge of Strathfield’s economic base and hence to investigate the economic issues facing Strathfield. It focuses on how new jobs can be encouraged through appropriate land use planning and to protect business and industrial areas. The recommendations of the Study were used to inform the preparation of the SLEP 2012.

Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Design Study - February 2011

This Study has undertaken a spatial analysis of Parramatta Road in relation to land uses, public transport, traffic and pedestrian movement. This work has informed the ‘development standards’ in the SLEP 2012 for Parramatta Road Corridor with the intention to create a vibrant, sustainable urban form supported by concentrated population densities.