Making a Submission

Public participation is an integral part of the development process.

Submissions Period

The submission period for each development application is in line with the notification period.

Can Anyone Make a Submission?

Any person is entitled to make a submission, which may object to or support an application whether or not a notification letter has been forwarded to the person.

Making a Submission

Submissions should include the following characteristics:

  • The reasons for the objection or support
  • Indicate the name(s), telephone number, street address and email address of the person(s) making the submission
  • Quote the development application number and address of the property
  • Any other documents (such as plans or photographs) to support the submission
  • Suggestions of how the proposal may be modified to address the concerns raised
How to Lodge a Submission

Submissions can be submitted via email or post. Submissions submitted electronically are to be emailed to The subject of the email should include the word 'submission' as well as the Development Application number and address of the property.

Submissions submitted by post are to be addressed to the General Manager and posted to 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield NSW 2135.


Where petitions are received in respect of an application, the principal petitioner or where not nominated, the first petitioner, will be acknowledged for the purpose of future contact. Only the principal petitioner will be advised of timings regarding the determination of an application.

Contact details including name, address, telephone number and email are to be provided for the principal petitioner.

Disclosure of Submissions 

Submissions are not confidential. Submissions may be accessed by the public through an application to access Council's records under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Acknowledgement of Submissions

All submissions received by Council will be acknowledged as soon as practicable.

Anonymous Submissions

Anonymous submissions will not be considered.