Strathfield Council is a unique area with items and areas that contribute to the heritage significance of the area. The heritage significance of a place is what makes it special. It can include buildings and places in Strathfield with special historical, cultural, social, architectural, archaeological, natural or aesthetic value.

Heritage listing is the formal recognition that a place or area has heritage significance and is a way of ensuring that any proposed changes respect and retain those qualities and characteristics which make it special.

What is a Heritage Item?

A heritage item can be a building, work, place, relic, tree, object or archaelogical site. They can include private houses, public buildings, churches and schools, public gardens, trees, shops, bridges, natural areas and memorials.

What is a Conservation Area?

A heritage conservation area is an area of land of heritage significance. It can include a group of buildings, landscape with particular heritage values that give it a distinct identity. The heritage values can include historical origins, subdivision patterns and consistency of building materials.

Strathfield Local Environmental Plan 2012

Heritage sites in Strathfield are classified as either a heritage item or a heritage conservation area and are identified in Schedule 5 of Strathfield Local Environmental Plan 2012 (see LEP here).  They are also shown on the Strathfield LEP 2012 planning maps. Strathfield has 231 heritage items and 17 conservation areas.

The Strathfield LEP 2012 includes all heritage items and conservation areas listed in schedules 9 & 10 of the Strathfield Planning Scheme Ordinance except the  deletion of one heritage item (milestone on Liverpool Rd) and the addition of one heritage item 72-76 Parramatta Rd Homebush.

It also includes all the heritage items and conservation areas previously listed in draft LEP 105 which were identified as a result of a heritage review undertaken in 2004 and 2005.

The new heritage item at 72-76 Parramatta Rd Homebush was recommended to be included in Strathfield LEP in the Parramatta Rd Corridor Urban Design study by Sustainable Urbanism.

The planning controls that relate specifically to heritage listed properties are contained in Clauses 5.10 of the Strathfield LEP 2012.  This clause includes the requirements for consent, when consent is not required and relevant information regarding the process of heritage assessment in Strathfield Council.

Council also has heritage inventory sheets which set out the main reasons why the place or area has been listed as a heritage item or conservation area. Copies of inventory sheets are available at Strathfield Council Customer Service and the Local Studies Collection of Strathfield’s Library, 65-67 Rochester St Homebush.

Owners and/or applicants seeking to lodge development applications should also refer to specific heritage controls contained in the relevant applicable Development Control Plans.

Searchable Heritage Database

A searchable heritage database, which also includes State Heritage Register items located in Strathfield Municipality, is available at NSW Heritage Office website. Please note that this database does not include all local heritage items and conservation areas (particularly draft items and places).