Heritage is an important feature of Strathfield's built and natural environment. The heritage significance of a place is what makes it special. It can include buildings and places with special historical, cultural, social, architectural, archaeological, natural or aesthetic value.

What is a Heritage Item?

A heritage item can be a building, work, place, relic, tree, object or archaelogical site. They can include private houses, public buildings, churches and schools, public gardens, trees, shops, bridges, natural areas and memorials.

What is a Conservation Area?

A heritage conservation area is an area of land of heritage significance. It can include a group of buildings, landscape with particular heritage values that give it a distinct identity. The heritage values can include historical origins, subdivision patterns and consistency of building materials.

Is my Property Heritage Listed, Located Within a Conservation Area, or Located in the Vicinity of a Heritage Item?

Schedule 5 of the Strathfield Local Environmental Plan (SLEP) 2012 identifies approximately 231 items of heritage significance and seventeen (17) Conservation Areas. Click here to view the Heritage Maps accompanying the SLEP 2012.

Heritage Consultants Directory

The Office of Environment and Heritage provides a Heritage Consultants Directory containing heritage professionals offering a range of consultancy services across NSW metropolitan and regional areas.

Before engaging a consultant, you should always check their suitability for your project requirements. Check their qualifications, membership/s and accreditation, ask about relevant experience and examples of previous work, as well as references from previous clients.

Further Enquiries

Further enquiries can be directed to Council's in-house Heritage Advisor by contacting Customer Service on (02) 9748 9999.

It is recommended that prospective applicant's also visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website.