Draft Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans

Strathfield Council resolved to place on Public Notification from 7 March 2017 to 4 April 2017 the following additional Draft DCP Parts to the existing Strathfield Consolidated Development Control Plan 2005:

  • Revised: Daft Part L - Public Notification of Development Applications

  • New: Draft Part P - Heritage

  • New: Draft Part Q - Urban Design Controls

The Draft DCP Parts aim to strengthen the existing Strathfield planning framework.

Revised: Draft Part L - Public Notification of Development Applications

Public participation is an integral part of the development process.  

The purpose of this revised DCP Part L is to clarify the criteria where notification may, or may not be required and those persons who will be notified; the procedures for notifying owners and/or occupiers of land affected by an application; the communication process in relation to the assessment of development applications; and to ensure there is consistency in the notification of similar applications.   

New: Draft Part P - Heritage

The main purpose of the addition of 'Part P - Heritage' to the SCDCP 2005 is to establish controls for development affecting places of heritage significance.

Strathfield Local Government Area (LGA) is rich in heritage. Schedule 5 of the SLEP 2012 identifies 231 items of the Environmental Heritage and Seventeen (17) Conservation Areas.

Development that affects places of heritage significance, whether an individual heritage item and its curtilage, or a Conservation Area, needs to be carefully designed to minimise any negative impacts on heritage significance.

Negative impacts may occur due to actions such as removal of original fabric, loss of design features, loss of views, unsympathetic bulk and scale of new development and inappropriate selection of materials.  

The Draft DCP Part L seeks to encourage development that complements and protects the significance of existing heritage items and heritage Conservation Areas in a modern context.

New: Draft Part Q - Urban Design Controls

The proposed addition of 'Part Q - Urban Design Controls' to the SCCP 2005 seeks to provide urban design controls that encourage high quality urban design outcomes for the Strathfield community including making it more liveable.

Strathfield Council is committed to encouraging design excellence in relation to development. The Draft Part Q provides urban design and built form objectives and controls to deliver the highest standard of architectural, urban and landscape design.

The Draft Part P also includes an Urban Design Charter, which identifies twelve (12) key principles that are essential for the functioning of good urban environments, in making places that are valued and significant for the community who use them.