Section 94 and 94A Development Contributions Plans 

Strathfield Council has two (2) Development Contributions Plans. They apply to all land within the Strathfield Local Government Area:

  • Section 94 Direct Development Contributions Plan 2010 - 2030 Version 2 ( 27 Sept 2016)
  • Section 94A Indirect Development Contributions Plan (3 September 2010)

Section 94 Direct Development Contributions Plan 2010 - 2030

Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) enables councils to levy contributions to fund additional or upgrade public facilities and infrastructure (eg. Local and major parks, road and traffic improvements and community facilities) resulting from the increased demands of new population created by development. The Strathfield s94 Direct Contributions Plan 2010-2030 (2) provides the administrative framework for this process.

Development that creates additional dwellings (including secondary dwellings, granny flats, dual occupancy and multi-unit development) or net additional industrial, retail, commercial or tourism floorspace will be subject to levies under the s94 Plan. The Strathfield LGA is divided into precincts (refer to Figure 2 of the Plan or see link below). Different levies apply to each land use within each precinct (refer to Table 1.1 of Plan or see link below).

Section 94A Indirect Contributions Plan 2010

Section 94A of the EP&A Act enables councils to levy contributions for the provision of additional public facilities and infrastructure resulting from demand created by development. In this case, the levy is calculated as a percentage on the proposed cost of development. The Strathfield s94A Plan provides the administrative framework for this process.

This Plan applies to any development (other than the exemptions listed on page three) within the Strathfield LGA that is not subject to the Direct (s94) Plan, including knock-down/rebuild or houses, house extensions and alterations and industrial, commercial or retail redevelopment that does not involve increasing the floorspace. The levies only apply to development with costs greater than $100,000 (Refer to Schedule 1 of Plan).

A cost summary report will need to be provided to allow Council to determine the contribution required. Refer to Part D for a sample report. Reference should be made to the items that may not be included as part of the cost of works for development (see link below).

Complying Development Certificates and Contributions

Development contributions are required for Complying Developments assessed by private certifiers. The types of development include alterations/additions; knock-down/rebuilds; complying secondary dwellings (granny flats) and certain industrial.

Private certifiers may contact Council’s Strategic Planning Section on 02 9748 9999 to obtain an estimate of the contributions required for particular developments. A cost summary report will be required. It should be noted that the payment of contributions are required prior to the issue of a complying development certificate.

It should also be noted that security bonds may also be required to be paid prior to commencement of works. Refer to Council’s Works Permit Application Process.