Planning and Development

This section contains information  relating to Planning and Development and covers three (3) main areas:

  • Development Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building and Compliance

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Important Notices
  • From 26 June 2017, Strathfield Council will require electronic lodgement of Development Applications. Please refer Council's Fact Sheet.
  • Adoption of Part L – Public Notification of Development Applications, Part P – Heritage and Part Q – Urban Design Controls of the Strathfield Consolidated Development Control Plan (SCDCP) 2005,effective 20 June 2017. All undetermined and new development applications from this date will be assessed against Part P and Part Q of the SCDCP 2005, as relevant. All new development applications involving works to a heritage item, works within the vicinity of a heritage item, or land within a conservation area must apply and consider Part H of the SCDCP 2005. All development applications excluding works involving dwelling houses within the R2 low density residential zone must apply and consider Part Q of the SCDCP 2005, as relevant.

  • New DA Procedure: Council has developed a Development Application Management Procedure, which sets out the framework for handling unclear, non-conforming, insufficient and amended applications.