Under the NSW Government's 2009 Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, all NSW councils must develop, at minimum, a 10-year strategic and corporate planning framework. The Integrated Planning and Reporting framework replaces  the former Management Plan and Social Plan structures.

Strathfield Council first adopted the new framework in July 2012.  These plans are regularly reviewed and were most recently adopted in May 2017.

Community Strategic Plan

All councils in NSW are required by legislation to develop a Community Strategic Plan to meet their local needs. Councils have a responsibility to formulate and pursue their community’s visions and ideas, provide civic leadership, deliver key services and express local ideas and concerns about important issues to other levels of government.

The Strathfield 2025 Community Strategic Plan was first adopted by Council in June 2012 and sets out the long term goals and strategies for the Strathfield community until 2025.  The Plan has subsequently been reviewed and adopted in May 2017.

The Community Strategic Plan is made up of the following components:

  • Part 1: Community Strategic Plan - Strathfield 2025
  • Part 2: Resourcing Plans
      • Part 2A: Ten Year Long Term Financial Plan
      • Part 2B: Workforce Management Strategy 2017-2021
      • Part 2C: Communities Asset Management Plan
    • Part 2C1: Asset Management Strategy
    • Part 2C2: Asset Management Policy
  • Part 3: Delivery Plan
        • Part 3-1: Delivery Program 2014-2018 and Operational Plan 2017-2018
        • Part 3-2: 2017-2018 Fees and Charges

See Strathfield 2025 Community Strategic Plan

Delivery Program

The Delivery Program is a fixed-term four year plan, designed as a single point of reference for all projects and services to be undertaken by Council. Plans, activities and funding allocations must be directly linked to this Program.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan is a subset of the Delivery Program. The Operational Plan is prepared annually in line with a detailed annual budget and statement of Council’s Revenue Policy, including proposed rates, fees and charges. It sets out individual actions for each project, activity or service to be undertaken and targets to achieve for a year of the Delivery Program.

The Strathfield Council Delivery Program 2014-2018 and the annual Operational Plan outlines how the goals and strategies of the Strathfield 2025 plan will be implemented.

See Strathfield Council Delivery Program 2014-2018 and annual Operational Plans 

See the Schedules of Fees and Charges

Resourcing Plans

In order to achieve the community’s long term aspirations and needs identified in Strathfield 2025, Council has analysed and assessed its current and future capacity and resources (including staff, assets and finances) to carry them out.  

The Strathfield Council Resourcing Strategy consists of the three components: 

  • Ten Year Long Term Financial Plan
  • Asset Management Strategy, Policy and Plan
  • Workforce Management Strategy

Long Term Financial Plan 2017 – 2027

The Long Term Financial Plan reflects Council's desire and capacity to deliver the strategies, initiatives, works and programs identified in the 2025 Community Strategic Plan and in the 4-year Delivery Program.

See the Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027

Asset Management Strategy 

With the Asset Management Strategy, Council undertakes an assessment and plans for all assets under its ownership. The Asset Management Strategy includes an overarching Asset Management Policy identifying all built assets under Council’s control and risk management strategies for them.

See the Asset Management Strategy, Asset Management Policy and Communities Asset Management Plan

Workforce Management Strategy 2017-2021

The Workforce Management Strategy addresses the human resourcing requirements of Council’s four year Delivery Program.  The Workforce Management Strategy ensures Strathfield Council has the people and the capacity to implement its strategic direction and delivery of services.

See the Workforce Management Strategy 2017-2021

Annual Report

The Annual Report details Council’s performance in meeting the targets outlined in the Operational Plan and provides information that must be disclosed under the Local Government Act 1993.

See Annual Reports

See Council's Annual Financial Statements