Applying for a Position

Strathfield Municipal Council’s Selection and Recruitment by Merit Policy has been enhanced to reflect "Best Practice” human resource principals that impact positively on Council and its employees. Equal employment opportunity provisions ensure that the most suitable person is recruited or promoted to any position and these provisions are incorporated into all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

Organisational Environment

Strathfield Council's long term plan for the future of the Strathfield area - the Strathfield 2025 Community Strategic Plan represents the shared vision for Strathfield - both Council and the community - and sets clear goals and strategies to meet this vision.

Strathfield 2025 is based on five broad inter-related themes that were derived from an extensive community engagement process, which identified priorities for the community's future.

To create a high performance culture that delivers on these key themes, Council's Workforce Management Strategy underpins Strathfield 2025 and Council's Values. The Workforce Management Strategy is designed to create a people management culture that encourages leadership in individuals and teams that allows everyone to be the best they can.

A strong commitment to the principles of sustainability is required at every level of the organisation; this is reflected in Council's strategic documents: Strathfield 2025, Delivery Program and Operational Plan. Council's Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) addresses environmental, social, economic and civic leadership considerations. Applying a QBL approach ensures that community priorities are addressed in a balanced and holistic manner.

Strathfield Council Values

Strathfield 2025 and Council's Workforce Management Strategy are underpinned by Council's commitment to the following fundamental organisational values. These values guide the way Council as an organisation carries out our business and delivers activities and services for the Strathfield community.

Team Work

We approach all our work as a team, sharing our skills and resources for our clients' benefit.

We value the health and safety of our people.


We will maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity and our ability to fulfil our promises.


We value our  clients, and are accountable for the work we do with them.


We show respect to those we deal with both inside and outside the Council.

Why should you work at Strathfield Council?

  • Enjoy work life balance and generous leave entitlements as per the Local Government State Award 2014.
    • Full-time, part-time, and casual employment opportunities
    • Rostered Days Off*
    • Up to four weeks of annual leave
    • Access to 15 days personal/carer’s leave per annum**
    • Access to Long Services Leave after 5 years of continuous service
  • Develop your skills and grow your career through short courses, conferences, further education opportunities, secondments and higher duties prospects, and various in-house training workshops
  • Take peace of mind with free access to Council’s Employee Assistance Program
  • Innovate and lead in your discipline while collaborating with a variety of multi-disciplined and technical teams
  • Demonstrate your capability and growth, and take reward in the potential for salary progression with Council’s Grade and Step competency system
  • Get involved and stay on top of your health through health seminars such as the Bi-Annual Health and Wellbeing expo
  • Participate in the Strath-Walk challenge and other aspects of the Strathfield Council Health and Wellbeing program fit 4 work – fit 4 life
  • Help to raise funds for various charities during Casual Wellbeing Friday
  • Strathfield Town Hall offices are an easy ten minute walk from Strathfield and Homebush train stations
  • Close proximity to Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) and Sydney Olympic Park

*Rostered Days Off do not apply for all Council positions
**15 days personal/carer’s leave per annum is for full-time employees. Part-time employees are entitled to a pro-rated amount based on the hours worked.

Your Application

All applicants for a position will be required to satisfy the essential and desirable criteria set out in the position description.  If you wish to apply for a position, please prepare your application to include the following:

1. A cover letter that includes: 

  • The position's name and position number you are applying for
  • A brief statement including examples, addressing each of the essential and desirable criteria of the job as per the position description.

2. Your resume

Your resume should include your:

  • Name, address and contact numbers
  • Education details
  • Employment history (please indicate dates of employment and a brief statement of duties performed)
  • Work experience history (relevant positions or activities that do not form part of your paid employment)
  • Referees details - please include the names, positions and current daytime contact numbers of 2 work related referees. One of these referees must be your current direct supervisor.

Applications are not returned so original documents should not be submitted. If you are shortlisted for a position you may be asked to present some original documents at the time of your interview.

You can lodge applications to Council:

  • by fax to 9764 1034
  • by mail to the People and Performance Department, “Private and Confidential”, Strathfield Council, PO Box 120 Strathfield NSW 2135
  • email to
  • in person at Council's Customer Service Centre, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield.

Acknowledgment of Applications

All our positions have a minimum 2 week closing date, however we continually assess applications upon submission. All applications for vacant positions will be acknowledged once received, and we will inform applicants if their application progresses to the next stage of the recruitment process.


If you are invited for an interview please bring evidence of your “Right to Work”, which is a requirement set by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and involves production of an Australian passport, Australian Birth Certificate or permanent residency visa. You should also bring evidence of qualifications, certificates, licences etc.

All interviews are conducted by a selection panel to ensure equity and follow best practice recruitment and selection guidelines.  Strathfield Council is an equal employment opportunity employer and applies merit-based selection techniques. All applicants will be asked the same set of questions developed from the essential and desirable criteria based on behavioural interviewing principles. 

Once interviews are completed referee checks are carried out on applicants who are short listed from the interview process.

Medical Examination

Short listed applicants may be requested to attend a pre-employment medical with Council’s nominated treating doctor at Council’s expense.


The successful applicant will be notified as soon as the selection has been approved. All other applicants unsuccessful at interview will be notified shortly after.

Further information regarding the advertised position should be forwarded to the contact person nominated in the position advertisement.